We're all searching for bliss. For me, true bliss is a clear mind, an open heart, a healthy body and good vibes.

George Landon,  Teacher


George is a senior VIKASA yoga teacher. He is a proud South African who spent many years sailing professionally around the world, racing boats in regattas and chartering through tropical paradises. His love for the ocean became a part of him but a desire to reinvent himself and his lifestyle drove him to Thailand In 2015. After many years at sea, George settled into a 200 hour YTT at Vikasa Yoga Retreat on Koh Samui, having only practiced yoga on two previous occasions. He immediately dove into the 300 hour advanced training a couple of days after, which shows the kind of dedication and determination George puts into the things he loves. 

Now fully immersed in this new way of life (still near the ocean but meditating on the mat rather than manning the decks!), yoga ultimately allows him to truly love himself for who he is. George wakes up every morning grateful for sharing, loving and growing as he teaches Vikasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa as one of Vikasa’s most loved practitioners. With his invigorating teaching style and attention to detail which is second to none when setting up his classes, George is a firm favourite across Koh Samui island and ready to settle into his new home in the vibrant city of Bangkok.  FLOW classes which give a smooth immersive experience connecting asana and breathing techniques seamlessly and allowing you to reach flow state to energize your day. 

Come get to know George at VIKASA on 24. If you don't see him just listen for the sound of his hangpan drum. He often plays his calming melodies at the studio entrance. Try his iconic FLOW class which give a smooth immersive experience connecting asana and breathing techniques seamlessly. His unique and passionate teaching style will help you reach your flow state and leave you feeling energized throughout your day.